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Summer Styling Techniques For Curly Hair ~ by Cher

The Summer is all about freedom and easy-to-maintain style. All of us curly hair ladies know this can be a challenge, especially when the temperature and humidity rise! But don’t despair, we have some easy styling techniques to carry you through the Summer months and beyond!

Embrace your curls!...

An alternative to a smooth blow out is to air dry your hair. But it requires a radical acceptance of embracing your natural texture. If you have thick, curly hair, I suggest Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream cocktailed with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner which will define and hold curls together. For those with finer textures, products such as Curvaceous Curl Refiner by Redken which will help hold your curls without making them brittle!


A few tips before applying are necessary…


  • Remove as much water from your hair as possible by squeezing with a towel. Try not to rub your hair as friction interrupts the curl and causes frizz.


  • Layer your products into the palm of your hand and mix them together like a bartender mixes your favorite cocktail. Spread the product throughout the hair evenly using your fingers to separate hair strands.


  • Finish your regimen with one of my favorite products, Dream Coat for Curly Hair by Color Wow. This product manages both control and frizz.


  • The less you touch your hair at this point, the firmer and tighter your curls will dry. All picking and softening should come once hair is dry.


  • This method of drying can be done much more quickly by utilizing large hair clips. Stop in and let one of our technicians assist you in teaching you how to clip your curls for fast drying time.


  • You can also add a shine product to keep your hair looking glossy and healthy! We have so many to choose from, let us help you decide which is best for your hair.

Would you like more expert advice on how to manage your curly hair? Call now to book a consultation or to ask about our summer use retail products - you can reach us at 203.255.9510!


Coming Soon... Sun-sational Summer Beauty Looks!

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