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Top 5 Tips for Winter Hair Care


Keep your hair looking fresh and fabulous all season long with these tips!

Let’s face it: winter here in the Fairfield, CT area can be brutal. Frigid temperatures keep us all inside and storms can wreck anyone’s plans. And to make matters worse, your hair is as dry, lank and prone to breakage as it gets all year.


The good news? While there’s not much we here at Total Look Salon & Spa can do about the weather, we can help you enjoy your best winter hair yet. Check out our tips below to learn more!

1. Use the right hair care products.


This season, your hair care routine becomes more important than ever. Use hair oil, conditioner and deep conditioning masks to lock in natural moisture and keep your hair healthy. Massaging in an oil-based treatment will improve circulation to the scalp and keep moisture in the ends. At the same time, go easy on the shampoo. Shampooing too often can strip all that natural moisture you worked so hard to build up so try to shampoo less frequently. If you normally wash daily, try washing every other day. Use a sulfate-free or mild shampoo to maintain more moisture and NEVER skip the conditioner during the winter. Use a moisturizing conditioner if you have normal or thick hair. If your hair is fine, we can recommend a much lighter conditioner that will still add moisture to your hair.


Not sure where to start? Any of the stylists at our luxury hair salon can help you work out the perfect routine for your unique hair. And we have a full selection of products for you to choose from!


 2. Protect your hair from the cold.


Your parents always told you to put a hat on before leaving the house on cold days and while your hair may have been the least of their concerns, their advice will still work wonders for it! And while we’re discussing parental advice, don’t go outside with wet hair. While you (probably) won’t catch your death, you might damage your hair - especially if some strands freeze. Try to dry your hair prior to leaving the house. Cold expands the hair shaft making hair more prone to breakage. So allow a little more time in the morning for your winter hair care routine.


 3. Avoid too much heat.


It sounds paradoxical - the weather is cold, so you want to warm up, right? Unfortunately, too much heat can damage your hair just as too much cold. Excessive use of heat styling tools can make hair brittle, leading to more breakage during the winter months. If heat tools are necessary, try using a heat protectant styling product prior to use to protect the hair from the heat. The good news? Warming up with a cozy blanket or steaming beverage is A-OK for your hair.


4. Keep static at bay.


Static doesn’t just shock you whenever you try to open a door - it can also damage your hair! Lack of moisture combined with sweaters, scarves and hats will create static during the winter months. To keep static under control, try using a leave-in conditioner prior to styling. This will add much-needed moisture to prevent static.


This brings us to our final tip:


5. Visit our salon!


At our salon, not only will we provide the luxury cutting, styling and coloring services you’ve come to expect - we’ll be by your side throughout the winter to help you keep your hair soft, shiny and healthy. We understand what winters are like here in Fairfield, CT; Westport, CT; and Southport, CT, and we know just how to help you through this one!


So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at our hair salon online or call today. We look forward to caring for your hair all winter long.

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